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Please make sure your Windows Media Player has the following settings:
Go to Tools: Options and select the Privacy Tab. Make sure you have checked 'Acquire Licenses Automatically for Protected Content'.

Please be aware that you must be connected to the internet in order to acquire your licenses for playback. If you are having problems acquiring your license please be sure you are not running filtering software (Netnanny, etc.) that may prevent you from connecting. Also, please be aware that some ISPs will also filter your access if you have set your security restrictions at a high level. Please check with your ISP to verify that you are not being restricted from or

If you are getting an message that says an error occurred while verifying the license, please use the following link to restore corrupted licenses for your Microsoft Media Player:

If you are still having problems, use the following Compatibility Test Link in order to get more information:

If your issues are not addressed here or you have other video playback problems please contact us at the email below.

You MUST include the following information when you write or your response may be delayed.

  1. Subscription #

  2. Email address

  3. Username

  4. COMPLETE and ACCURATE description of the problem. Include the text of any error messages you receive or a thorough description of the problem you are having.
Support response is within 24-48 hours, but may be slightly longer on weekends or holidays.